Days 13-15: Back Off The Wagon

What I Miss Today: chicken salad. Just got to thinking about that time I had dinner with that guy at that place, and I had chicken salad. It was really, really good.

Saturday night, I met up with a dude after work, and we chilled and watched the game. And I had a beer. Or three. So I guess I am officially back off the wagon. It was nice, just hanging out, drinking, watching baseball [sporadically] and talking.

I do feel like the veganism thing has severely hindered my social life. Sunday morning, I met my roommate, her boyfriend, and ten other of our friends at T.G.I. Friday’s for an impromptu lunch [yeah, that’s how we roll]. The only thing on the menu that was vegan-friendly was the side salad, and I just didn’t feel like paying five bucks for a bowl of iceberg lettuce. So I politely declined food, but enjoyed my soy latte and fun drunken stories from the night before that I missed [because I got…sidetracked…anyway…]

Kristen was eating a bowl of French onion soup, with a layer of melty, gooey cheese on top that was calling my name. She even had the balls to scrape some of it off, saying, “There’s just TOO MUCH CHEESE on this!” When she saw the shock and horror on my face at her actions, she offered to have the waitress wrap up the discarded cheese for me until October. Ha. Ha.

She’s actually great, though. I was about to crack, and order something just vegetarian, like a cheesy pasta dish, when she told me how impressed she was with me doing this experiment, and how I shouldn’t quit yet. So I didn’t cheat.

So thanks to her, I am still going strong, on Day 15. Except for the whole beer thing on Saturday. And tonight, too. I met Molly at Flann’s for a couple Magner’s and some sports on TV. Always fun times.

Anyway, I made my Aunt Beth’s amazing guacamole dip tonight. Here is the recipe:

2-3 avocados

1 small red onion

1 can black beans, rinsed and drained

1 can shoepeg corn

1 tomato

1 handful of cilantro [CRUCIAL! do not leave out!]

1 lime

salt to taste

1. Chop avocado, and squeeze juice of lime on top [keeps it from oxidizing].

2. Chop rest of vegetables, add beans and corn, and and mix together. This recipe is actually quite flexible and doesn’t need to be exact. Sometimes I prefer more avocados, sometimes I add extra corn. Try it, and see how you like it.

3. Ta-da! So easy! Enjoy with chips, in any Mexican-inspired dishes, on scrambled eggs…or just from a bowl. Delicious. Bring it to a party, and it’s gone as soon as you set it down — and everyone will ask you to bring it again and again, and they’ll love you! They’ll really love you!!

I also finally tried soy cheese. The package said it melted well, and that is true. I bought the pepperjack variety, thinking it would be less gross. It wasn’t gross. It wasn’t good, though, either. It was just OK. I made a grilled “cheez” on the GoFo, and took bites of it while I was making Aunt Beth’s guacamole dip. I didn’t finish it, though. It was weirdly salty and strangely flavored. Just didn’t replace real cheese for me. I can’t wait for October! CHEESE!

Anyway, I need to keep up better with this blog. See what happens when you put a beer in my hand? All goes to shit.


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